Atlas universel Quillet

by Maurice Allain Quillet

The rise of economic geography!


The Atlas universel consists of two volumes:

1 volume: Le monde Français et ses colonies
Physique – Economique – Politique
42 maps including many large maps with 4 parts of 78 cm long
Librairie artistique Quillet 1923
Over 200 pages of comprehensive index

* 1 volume: Europe – Asie – Afrique – Amérique – Océanie
Physique – Economique – Politique
57 maps including many large maps with 4 parts of 78 cm long
Librairie artistique Quillet 1925
Over 60 pages of comprehensive index

For both volumes:


Dimensions: 45 x 24 cm

Leather bound, original slip-cases

Condition: A+

Language: French

Editor: Librairie artisitque Aristide Quillet


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– Rest of Europe: 40 euro
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Atlas universel

In general this atlas provides interesting information anno 1923/1925 on several aspects per country. Data provided concern (example taken from Mexico): situation superficie, aspects physiques,  resources économiques, Commerce exterieur, voies de communication, Monnaies et poids de mesure, la formation historique, populations et principaux centres, gouvernement. Réprésentations diplomatique et consulaire en tre le Mexique et la France. For some countries the data given are much less; for other countries such as the USA, Germany and Italy (taken as example) it is much more.

Many pictures are offered, at random.

Concerning population, did you know that:

  • The population of British India (today composed of the states of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) was approximately 319.000.000 inhabitants;
  • The population of Russia (as still called) was 134.200.000 inhabitants;
  • The population of Germany was 60.000.000 inhabitants;
  • The population of Belgium was 5.500.000 inhabitants;
  • The population of The Netherlands was 7.000.000 inhabitants;
  • The population of Brazil was 30.600.000 inhabitants;
  • The population of Canada was 8.700.000 inhabitants;
  • The population of the USA was not provided as a whole: there are 70 cites with over 100.000 inhabitants and eight cities with more than 1.000.000 inhabitants.