Beschryving van oud en nieuw Rome

by François-Jacques Deseine and Willem van Ranouw

Sumptuously illustrated standard work on (ancient and postclassical) Rome

The ultimate travelling guide to Rome in 1704


Date of publication: 1704

Dimensions of the book covers:  25,8 x 40 cm

Three parts in two volumes, folio: [28]-[1-1 bl.]-160, [14]-161/360, [4]-363/479-[83] pp.

B/W engravings

Condition: Very good. Some soiling or spotting, a few tears in folding pl. underlaid). Contemp. sp. calf (sl. rubbed & scratched, corners bumped, front cover vol. II loosening), gilt orn. spines with 6 raised bands (joints split, sm. def. at heads & tails), red leather title labels. Inside a good copy.

Condition: A

Language: Dutch, translated from French and Latin

Publisher: Halma, Amsterdam

Reference: Klaversma/Hannema 436; Cp. Cicognara 3698-3699 (French ed.)

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Beschryving van oud en nieuw Rome

Dutch translation by Willem van Ranouw (1673-1724) of works by F.J. Deseine (-1715) and others, such as Pietro Santi Bartoli (1635-1700) for the drawings and engravings and Giovanni Pietro Bellori (1613-1696) for the comments on the paintings.  Deseine was a Frenchman who lived for many years in Rome where he was active as a bookseller and publicist. Van Ranouw was a physician. His most important work was ‘Het Kabinet der Natuurlyke Historien, wetenschappen, konsten en handwerken’, published in bimonthly pieces from 1719 until 1723, with abbreviated title ‘Natuur- en Konst-Kabinet.’ Many engravings are from Jan Goeree (1670-1731).

Contents, 3 parts in 2 volumes:

1. Ancient Rome [Beschryving van oud Romen]
2.1 New or contemporary Rome with description of churches, palaces and other buildings [Beschryving van ‘t niew of hedendaagsch Rome (…) behelzende de nette beschryving der kerken, paleizen (…) mitsgaders veele andere (…) gebouwen / (…) in ‘t Nederduitsch overgebragt door W. V. R.]
2.2 New or contemporary Rome with description of the government and the Pope and the Catholic Church [Beschryving van ‘t niew of hedendaagsch Rome (…) behelzende een verhaal van de hedendaagsche regeering (…) van den Paus en der Roomsche kerke (…)]

Profusely illustrated work totalling 124 engraved folding, double- or full-page plates representing monuments of Rome, tombs, temples, arches, obelisks, therms, naumachias, maps and views of antique and new Rome

1st vol.: “Oud Rome” ill. with a front. by I. Baptist after J. Goeree, 1 title-vign. by J. van Vianen after Goeree, 2 headpieces, 2 initials, 60 plates by J. Baptist or J. van Vianen after Goeree (incl. a large folding city plan of old Rome, a map of Italy, 3 other maps, some city plans and 8 folding pl.) and 21 half-page ill. in text, – a Dutch translation of “Le pitture antiche del sepolcro de Nasonii” by the Italian art historian and painter Giovanni Pietro Bellori (1613 ?-1696) ill. with 15 full-page engr. plates after Pietro Santi Bartoli (1635-1700) showing 35 paintings, – and “De aaloudheden…”, Dutch trsl. Basil Kennett (1674-1715) “Romae antiquae notitia” ill. with a front. by J. Baptist after Goeree, 1 title-vign., 1 headpiece, 3 folding maps (i.a. “Romani imperii occidentalis et orientalis”), 10 double-page folding pl., 6 full-page and 20 ill. in text.

2nd vol.: 2 different front. by Baptist or Eland after Goeree, 2 ident. title-vign., 1 headpiece, 1 initial and 26 plates of which 20 double-page, incl. a splendid large city plan of Rome after J.B. Falda, a folding map of Italy and 14 views of Rome “ad vivum” after L. Cruyl.

Text on titlepage: ‘Beschryving van oud en niew Rome, verdeelt in drie deelen : Waar in de gansche gelegenheit dezer magtige stad, van de grondlegginge af, tot onder de regeeringe der keizeren, en vervolgens der pauzen […]; nevens de toestant van den ouden en hedendaagschen, zo kerkelyken als wereldlyken, staat, met alle zyne gewoonten en plegtelykheden vertoont wordt / In ‘t Fransch beschreven door den heere François Desseine. Achter Oud Romen is gevoegt; het Antyke graf der Nazoonen ; afgetekent en in ‘t koper gebragt door P. Sanctus Bartolus, nevens de Uitleggingen over deze aaloude schilderyen, van J. Petrus Bellorius. Uit het Fransch en Latyn vertaalt, en met heerlyke konstprinten versiert.’


1 Enactment of naval battle

2 Antique Rome

3 Contemporary Rome

4 Pantheon

5 Temple of Antonius and Faustina

6 Arch of emperor Septimius Severus

7 Triumphal imperial entry

8 Mausoleum of Hadrian, also known as the Castel Sant’Angelo

9 Insulae Thiberinae

10 Titlepage

11 Western part of the Roman Empire

12 Covers

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