Family tree (genealogy) of the Royal Families in Europe – Généalogie des Familles souveraines de l’Europe

by Henri Abraham Châtelain


Date of this map:  1707

Dimensions (without margins): 54,5 x 64 cm

Dimensions (including margins): 56,8 x 67 cm

Condition:  good copper engraving. Minor foxing. Small tear (5 cm) to the lower edge.

Condition rating: A+

Verso: blank

From: Histoire universel






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Louis XIV

With this family tree of European Royal families King Louis XIV wanted to stress the central position of France and his own position. He is pictured just left of the central French coat of arms, as Louis le Grand, born 1638. The French tree goes back to Robert I, King of West Francia from 922 to 923.

It show the houses of Spain, Portugal England, Denmark, Sweden and Savoy, with many sovereign houses below.

The engraver was Guedeville.

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