Flanders, River Scheldt, war zone in 1638

by Pieter Verbiest

A unique map


Date of this map: 1638

Dimensions (without margins): 33 x 51,5 cm

Dimensions (with margins): 39,5 x 56 cm

Condition: Very good. Sharp copper engraving. Four horizontal folds as published. Top right fold small tear, not affecting the map.

Condition rating: A+

Verso: blank






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Pieter Verbiest (or Peter Verbiest/Verbist) / Petrum Verbist

Pieter Verbiest was born in Antwerp in 1607. All his life he was active in this city as an engraver, cartographer and publisher. He was also a member of the artists’ guild of Sint-Lucas. Pieter Verbiest died in 1674.

Verbiest produced a number of small maps depicting the area of ​​the Seventeen Provinces and published them for the first time in 1636 as a pocket-sized atlas. Only two copies of this Novus Tabularum Geographicorum Belgicae Liber have survived today. Although the quality of this work was rather modest, at least three editions of this popular atlas of the Netherlands were published (1636, 1644, 1652). In addition, Pieter Verbiest, usually in collaboration with Isaak Verbiest (presumably his brother), has made several other interesting and interesting maps, including a world map that was carried out in mercator projection in 1630. This included the most recent information about the Dutch exploration of the Australian east coast.

The full title of the map is “Nieuwe caert vande ghelegentheijt van de Oost- en Wester Schelde vertoonende ook de verdroncken overwaterde landen nieu aangewassen schoren, ende de kreeken oft killen in ende door de selve tusschen Bergen en Antwerpen soo het nu is 1638”.

Verbiest made a series of maps of the same part of the Scheldt River over time. “Het is nu 1638” means that he projected the military situation of the area in the year 1638.

Full title: Nieuwe caert vande ghelegentheijt vande Oost en Wester Schelde …

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