Kalwarya Zebrzydowska with Mons Calvariae (southeast of Krakow)

by Georg Braun and Frans Hogenberg


Date of first edition: 1617

Date of this edition: 1617

Dimensions (not including margins): 32,5 x 45,5 cm

Condition: excellent. Sharp copper engraving printed on paper. Centre fold is as published. Old hand coloured. Wide margins.

Condition rating: A+

Verso: text in Latin

From: Civitatis Urbis Terrarum (VI: Theatri praecipuarum Totius Mundi Urbium Liber Sextus Anno MDCXVII), first published 1617, this edition 1617, Köln

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Kalwarya Zebrzydowska with Mons Calvariae

With a cartouche upper left : “Pope Paul V found this place worthy of his blessing and rich favours.”

This panoramic view from the north shows pilgrims on their way to Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, a famous place of pilgrimage southwest of Krakow.

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