Europe – Europa exactissime descriptio

by Henricus Hondius


Date of first edition:  1631

Date of this map: possibly 1645-1646 (date on map: 1631)

Dimensions (not including margins): 38 x 51 cm

Condition: Very good. Strong paper and wide margins . Centre fold as published. Nice old colouring.

Condition rating: A+

Map reference: Van der Krogt 1, 1000:1D.2

From: possibly Nouveau Theatre du Monde by Johannes Janssonius. Van der Krogt 1, 1:413



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Hondius: the delineation gets better, borders change

This interesting map by Jodocus son, Henricus Hondius, of 1631 is dedicated to King Louis XIII of France.

The greater geographic knowledge improves a better display of Scandinavia, Iberia and Italy.  Hondius shows the principality Podolia, now in southwestern Ukraine. Since 1569 and at the time of production of this map the principality was part of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth. Further, Denmark is still in possession of southern Sweden. Scotland was only in 1707 under the Acts of Union formally united with England.

The imaginary Frislant continues to be shown: just southeast of Iceland!

This decorative map is embellished with a large cartouche, sailing ships, animals and a sea monster.

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