Europe – Europae

by Abraham Ortelius


Date of first edition:  1570

Date of this map: 1573

Dimensions (not including margins): 34,3 x 46,5 cm

Dimensions (including margins): 36,5 x 49,5 cm

Condition: Very good. Original colouring. Strong paper and wide margins.

Condition rating: A+

Verso: text in German

Map reference: Van den Broecke 4; Van der Krogt AN:1000:31A

From: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. Van der Krogt 31:211, page 5



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Ortelius’ first map of Europe

Nice old color example of Ortelius’ first map of Europe, since it mentions “cum privilegio” bottom left.

The map is based upon several important maps of Europe, including Gerard Mercator’s 1554 map of Europe; the mapping of Greenland and Iceland from Mercator’s 1569 world map. One notices even the tip of “Labrador”. The treatment of Great Britain is based upon Mercator’s 1564 Great Britain map. Scandinavia is drawn from Olaus Magnus’ 1539 Scandinavia map. Russia is based on Jenkinson’s 1562 Russia map. The Southeastern part of this map is based upon Gastaldi’s first map of Asia of 1559. Parts of the North African coast are based upon Gastaldi’s Africa map of 1564.

Ortelius himself mentions in his Catalogus Auctorum the maps of Apianus, Cornelius Antonii of Frankfurt, Ioannes Bucius Aenicola of Paris, Jacob Homem Lusitanus printed in Venice, Ioannes Dominicus Methoneus of Venice, Nicolaus Nicolay printed in Antwerp by Ioannes Stelsium, Vopelius, Waldseemüller, and Christoph Zell of Nurnberg.

The copperplate for this map was made in 1570 and printed until 1581. She was replaced in 1584 by an almost identical plate. However, in the 1584 edition the name “Africae Pars” is written in cursive letters.

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