Coast from Dunkerque to Calais

by Willem and Joan Blaeu, Pieter Codde van Enchuysen

A fabulous map by Willem Blaeu and Codde van Enchuysen



Date of first edition: 1634 (Willem Blaeu)

Date of this edition: 1640 (Willem and Joan Blaeu)

Dimensions (not including margins): 45 x 70 cm

Dimensions (including margins): 48,5 x 76,5 cm

Condition: very good. Sharp copper engraving printed on paper. Double vertical centre fold as published (due to large size of map). Original colouring. Wide margins (except at top, but even there more than sufficient to frame). Left bottom slightly age-toned. Verso: three white stickers of previous framing (not seeable at recto).

Condition rating: A+

Verso: text in Latin

Map reference: van der Krogt II, 3295:2

From: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, 1640; van der Kroght II, 2:201: verso: page 22 (top) and X (bottom)

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Belgium country
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From Dunkerque to Calais or the old Flemish coast

Fabulous map of the old Flemish coast. The historic Dutchy of Flanders ended at Grevlingen (Gravelines) at the river Aa.

Two important historic events took place at Grevelingen (Gravelines):

  • It was before Grevelingen that the English fleet decisively defeated the Spanish Armada on 28 July 1588.
  • Some 50 years later, in a completely different political landscape: the town was captured and recaptured several times by the French and Spanish between 1639 and 1658. Goston, duke of Orléans, and brother of Louis XIII and uncle of Louis XIV, played an important role in capturing this part of Flanders for France. It was finally annexed to France in the Treaty of the Pyrenees of 1659.

Full title: Afbeeldinghe vande vermaerde seeha- | ven ende stadt Duynkercken met | der omliggende plaetsen sanden ende | droochten … = Portraict de la fameuse ville | et havre de Duynckercke et | places voisines sables etc… afgetekent door Capiteijn |Pieter Codde van Enchuysen = faict | par le capitaine Pierre Codde | d’Enchuse

Orientation: to SSE

Note: one large copperplate, printed on one and a half sheets, joned before printing.

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