Germany – Germania

by Abraham Ortelius


Date of first edition: 1570

Date of this map:  1587

Dimensions (not including margins): 30,6 x 50,5 cm

Condition: very good. Striking colours. Strong print, clean image, heavy paper. Verso reinforced near centerfold. Some wrinkling and staining in margins.

Condition: rating: A

Verso: text in French

Map reference: Koeman III, Ort 29 B; Van den Broecke 56

From: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum


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With a splendid cartouche of the Imperial Eagle.

Ortelius’ Germany

Very detailed map of Germany, with Bohemia specifically identified.

Ortelius shows Germany as if it was one single country… some 300 years before its unification in 1871.

Beautiful cartouche.

Based on Christiaan Sgrothen (1520-1608) map of Germany, published in 9 sheets in 1565. This map was replaced by Ortelius in 1602.

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