Friuli, Krain and Istria – Forum Iulium, Karstia, Carniola, Histria et Windorum Marchia

by Jodocus Hondius Jr., Gerard Mercator


Date of first edition:  1589 (made by Mercator)

Date of this map: 1613-1616 (edited by Jodocus Hondius jr.)

Dimensions (not including margins): 34,5 x 47,5 cm

Condition: Very good. Strong paper and wide margins.

Condition rating: A+

Map reference: Van der Krogt: 1, 7170:1A1

From: Gerardi Mercatoris – L’Atlas ou Méditations Cosmographiques de la Fabrique du Monde et Figure diceluy. I. Hondij, 1613-16. Van der Krogt 1, 112


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Italy & Malta
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A holiday region

Besides well-known Friuli (with capital Udine) Mercator who made this map also shows us Istria, Krain (historic Slovenia, with Laubach), Windisch Marck (also Slovenia) and in the west, even the lagoon of Venice. To the east lie the islands of Cherso (Cres), Vegia (Krk) and Arbei (Rab). The strange seasonal lake Cernika is prominently displayed. The north is bordered by River Drava. The Dolomits are molehills with Doblach (Dobbiaco) as the main site. Mercator published the map already in his Atlas of 1589. This example comes from the French Mercator-Hondius atlas 1613/1616. Wolfgang Lazius was the main source for the Mercator map. The scale bar is in miliaria COMMUNIA italica, the scale is 1: 750,000.