Denmark – Daniae Regni Typum

by Johannes Janssonius

A rare and exceptional map.


Date of first edition: 1630

Date of this map: 1630

Date on the map: 1629

Dimensions (not including margins): 46,5 x 53,5 cm

Condition: excellent. Sharp copper engraving printed on strong paper. Centre fold is as published. Old colouring. Slight horizontal fold in bottom. Wide margins.

Condition rating: A+

Verso: blanc

Map reference: Van der Krogt 1500:1B

From: Atlantis Maioris Appendix, sive pars Altera, Continens Geographicas Tabulas diversarum orbis Regionum (…). Van der Krogt 1:202



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Daniae Regni Typum

A beautiful and rare carte-à-figures was published by Janssonius in 1630. The map was engraved mainly after John Speed’s 1626 map of Denmark by Abraham Goos, who signed as engraver above the cartouche in the lower right corner; the decorative borders were etched in Visscher’s workshop. It shows modern day Denmark, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburgh, southern Sweden and Bornholm.

The top border shows the royal coat of arms flanked by oval views of “Coppenhagen”, “Elsenor”, ”Lantskroon” and “Ripen” together with circular portraits of “Christianus IV.” and “Freder. Christian.. Christiani IIII. Filius”, in the bottom border a portrait of Tycho Brahe is flanked by oval views of “Sleswyck”, “Hamburgh”, “Lubeck”, “Oldenburgh” and circular views of “Croneburgum” and “Uraniburgum”. The left and right borders show figures in contemporary dress.

Engraved by Kaerius and dedicated to Christian IV, King of Denmark

Top left: portrait of King Christian IV

Top left: portrait of his son, Prince Frederick

Centre: coat-of-arms of King Christian

Bottom centre: portrait of Tycho Brahe

Bottom corners: illustrations of Croneburg and Uraniburgum.

This is exactly the same map as the map Daniae Regni Typus by Visscher.  The only difference is in the cartouche which mentions Janssonius.

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