by Georg Braun and Frans Hogenberg

Superb two birds’-eye views (North and South) after Hieronymus Scholäus


Date of first edition: 1588

Date of this map: 1588

Dimensions (not including margins): 32,5 x 47 cm

Condition: very good. Copper engraving on strong paper. Centre fold as published. Old colouring. Wide margins.

Condition rating: A

Map reference: Taschen, Br. Hog., p. 316; Van der Krogt 4134

From: Liber quartus Urbium Praecipuarum totius Mund. Cologne, 1588-1597. Koeman, B&H4; Van der Krogt 4,41:1.3, page 38

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Scandinavia, Iceland & Baltics
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Stockholm in a superb double view:

This 16th century engraving is inspired by the drawing of Hieronymus Schol. Both illustrations show Gamla Stan (“Gamla” meaning old and “Stan”meaning inner city), downtown Stockholm on the central city island Stadsholmen. The top view (from the northeast) is familiar to today’s visitor: the mighty  Kungliga Slottet (royal palace) dominates the scene. The name for the residence was Tre Kronor (still recognizable), but a fire would later destroy most of the castle in 1697. Next to the palace stands the St Nicolas cathedral, which became a Lutheran church since 1527.

One also recognizes many typical (Scandinavian) timber houses. Considering the Braun & Hogenberg atlas in production in those days: the more one goes East, the more timber houses are visible, contrary to the Western Europe where houses in brick are displayed!

The bottom view of the island shows the mercantile city where the Hanseatic League held a trading post since the 14th century. At the end of the 16th century the total population of Stockholm reached 10.000. It became the capital of Sweden in 1634.

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