Title page Atlas G. Mercator and I. Hondius (1633)

by Henricus Hondius

The World in 1633



Date of first edition: 1633

Date of this map: 1633

Dimensions (not including margins) with the text around: 37 x 23,5 cm

Condition: very good. The colors remained vivid, no traces of dirt or stain. Ample margins.

Condition rating: A+

Verso: French atlas

Map reference: Van der Krogt 1:31.1

From: Gerardi Mercatoris et I. Hoondii ou Representation du Monde Universel et des Parties d’Icelui, Faicte et Description Tres-Amples et Exactes:… Van der Krogt 1, 1:311



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Hondius’ world in 1633

This is the French architectural title page for the Atlas Novus Mercator-Hondius that was used from 1633 to 1638. This edition was published in French, German, Dutch and Latin. The original language version in this case was French: in many cases a sticker with the text in the relevant language was pasted on the title page.

Note that the A and T letters in the name of Mercator are combined in the frieze. Top center is the atmosphere, in addition to allegories of astronomy and geography. The coats of arms of the 18 states or territories have been made (from bottom left clockwise): Savoy, Flanders / Brabant, Portugal, the United Netherlands, Turkey, Poland, Spain, England (with Scotland and Ireland), the Holy Roman Empire, France, Sweden and Denmark, Austria, Hungary, Papal States, Naples, Venice and Tuscany. For the editions from 1639 to 1641 another title page was used. This gives us an impression of the world and its important powers anno 1633.


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