What’s in a date?

Many maps mention a date. This date does not necessarily refer to the actual date of the relevant map. They refer to the first year of issuance of the map, possible in an earlier version of the atlas. Many ...

What’s the meaning of “original”?

As with the word 'copy', confusion sometimes arises over the accepted definition of the term 'original' - particularly when it is used to describe a subsequent reissue of a map.

How many maps were printed?

This is a very common question and not one that is easily answered. The scientific research on old map production is in fact not so old and goes back only a few decades. In only a few instances has research ...

What are common condition defects?

Unfortunately, maps are not always in perfect condition (i.e. in the same state as when published). What are the issues to look at when considering the purchase of a map?

Do you sell reproductions?

No. All of our maps are authentic antique maps, printed or drawn on or about the date shown in the description.

Do you purchase maps?

Yes.  Our stock has come from a variety of sources, but, increasingly, we are buying from private individuals. 

Which factors determine a map’s price?

As you will see from our website, maps can range in price from a few hundred euros to many thousands.  So what determines the price of a map?  The answer is that there is no single factor but a ...