We feel the need to open an audio discussion with you...

We will start up several podcast productions in due time.

Podcast on old maps, you say/wonder?…. Yes, this is very plausible.

We will concentrate on specific topics (in random order):

  • The key mapmakers;
  • Families in mapmaking;
  • The pre-Flemish mapmaking;
  • Maps by Gerard Mercator;
  • Why Flanders was essential in modern mapmaking;
  • The overtaking by Dutch mapmakers;
  • The decline of Dutch mapmaking;
  • The essential position of the Flemish-Dutch cartography;
  • War in mapping;
  • Mapping techniques;
  • The VOC (Dutch East India Company);
  • The WIC (Dutch West India Company);
  • The sea passages SE, W, SW, NW and NE to the Oriental spices (see the banner above of the North Maluku islands);
  • etc…

And so many interesting issues to discuss in audio