Holy Land (part of) – Tribus Zablon, Ischar et diminia Manasse

by Christiaan van Adrichem


Date of first edition: 1590

Date of this map: 1602

Dimensions (not including margins): 36,2 x 40 cm

Dimensions (includingmargins): 40 x 47,2 cm

Condition: Very good. Strong paper and wide margins.

Condition rating: A

Verso: blank



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Holy Land, Middle East & Iran
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The bible in drawings

This is one of the 10 smaller maps with van Adrichem published in his work. It shows in detail the regions of three tribes: Zebulun, Isschar and Manasseh. On the coast one notices Acco, Mount Carmel (Albert Avogadro (1150-1214) wrote the Order rules for the Carmelites who lived on this mountain) and Caesarea.

Curiously, van Adrichem draws a river between the Sea of ​​Galilee (which lies at an altitude of -212 meters) and the Mediterranean Sea. The depiction of this river goes back a long time in Westeeuropean thinking (see map Fries).

Completely in the northeast corner of the lake lies Capernaum, where Jesus lived for a while. A little further his apostles gather around a boat.

Van Adrichem shows us some other miracles like the food multiplication (see the north side Bethsaida) and Jesus walking over water revolves around this lake.

On the west side of the lake lie Magdalum (possibly the residence of Mary Magdalene) and Tebierias. River Jordan flows towards the Dead Sea. On Mount Tabor, no. 94, the wonder of the transfiguration took place.

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