Atlas Historique, Généalogique, Chronologique,…

by Comte de las Casas

The world frozen in 1835


Date of first edition: 1801

Date of this edition: 1835

Copper engraving

Dimensions: 54 x 39 cm

Condition: maps A+; original cover A/B

Language: French



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de Las Casas – A. Lesage

Original French edition, rare, first edition having appeared in London in 1801.

Comte de Las Casas published this work under the pseudonym A. Lesage.  This atlas was reprinted several times and continued, but although provided with more maps (which could also buy extra), these reissues concern not only the world under the Empire and are less specific. The geopolitics of Europe 1802/1804 is not the same as 1822 or 1831 and it is the same for the United States. In addition to the cards on five continents, is a map of ancient Greece, the Roman world …

Las Cases and his son accompanied the ex-emperor Napoleon to Saint Helena. He then acted informally but very assiduously as his secretary, taking down numerous notes of his conversations, which thereafter took form in the famous Mémorial de Sainte-Hélène.

Statue in Lavaur, Tarn