The Century Atlas of the World, 1897

by Benjamin E. Smith

Superb historic document anno 1897


First edition: 1897

This edition: 1897

Dimensions: 33 × 52 cm

Condition: Very good to good. All maps are printed on one side and tipped in; original leather bound hardboards with gilt raised bands and title on spine; may need minor repair of cover to make perfect. Flyleaf (i.e. the very first page) is loose. Some pages have minor waterstaining in bottom corners (see pictures).

Weight: 5 kg

Editor: The Century Co – The Mattews- Northrop co – Buffalo

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The Century Atlas of the World

Benjamin Eli Smith was an American editor, born in Beirut, then Ottoman Empire, now capital of Lebanon. He graduated from Amherst College.

The maps of this atlas were all specially made. They are packed with details and beautifully printed with the railroads shown in red!

The atlas consists of the parts:

  • preface and contents of the atlas
  • v to xx pages of historical and astronomical maps
  • xxi – xxx pages of index
  • 117 pages (of which 53 of the USA) with modern maps 
  • 3 to 152: index of the maps of the USA
  • 153 – 382: index foreign countries


The world in 1897

This atlas shows inter alia:

  • interesting state and provincial divisions of the USA and Canada
  • urban development in North America
  • an ever changing Europe
  • an independent Tibet
  • Africa still under colonial rule