Part of South Australia with Adelaide

by John Tallis


Date of first publication: 1851

Date of this map: 1851

Dimensions (not including margins): 28 x 36 cm.

Condition: Original old colouring, excellent. Steel engraving on paper.

Condition rating: A+

From: The Illustrated Atlas, And Modern History Of The World Geographical, Political, Commercial & Statistical. Edited By R. Montgomery Martin and published; John Tallis London, New York, Edinburgh & Dublin. 1851. The illustrations are by J. Marchant and engraved by J.B. Allen. The map is drawn and engraved by J. Rapkin.

Verso: blank

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Tallis and Australia

The maps by Tallis are highly valued in Australia, especially the series of the individual colonies. They were the only decorative maps produced of the early colony showing internal detail: the map of Victoria depicts the substantial areas of gold mining, hand coloured in yellow, for example.

The choice of images for each colony was dictated by the “Victorian values” of the day-whilst there was a penchant for the exotic among Europeans and Britons a completely “un-tamed” land was not acceptable to their tastes. The images of Kangaroos and “natives satisfy the exotica” but images of European civilization served as an invitation to the “New Britannia”. Political correctness changes over time!