Arras – Atrebatum, Gallis ARRAS Belgice ATRECHT dictu

by Joan Blaeu


Date of first edition:  1649

Date of this map: 1649

Dimensions (not including margins): 51 x 40,9 cm

Dimensions (including margins): 57,8 x 47,3 cm

Condition: Very good. Sharp copper engraving on srong paper with wide margins. Centre fold as published.

Condition rating: A

Verso: text in Latin

Map references: Van der Krogt 4, 254; Fauser, 711.

From: Novum Ac Magnum Theatrum Urbium Belgicae. (= “Stedeboeck”) Amsterdam, J. Blaeu, 1649. Van der Krogt 4, 43:111-113



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The Union of Arras (Atrecht)

During the Middle Ages, possession of Arras passed to the feudal rulers who controlled the local region: so, its logically passed from County of Flanders over the Duchy of Burgundy to the Spanish branch of the House of the Habsburg.

The Union of Arras was signed here in January 1579 by the Catholic principalities of the Low Countries that remained loyal to King Philip II of Habsburg; it immediately provoked the (opposing) declaration of the Union of Utrecht later the same month.

The provinces that signed the Peace Treaty with Spain were a small minority of the XVII Provinces and included:

  • the County of Hainaut;
  • the County of Artois
  • Lille, Douai, and Orchies
  • the Bishopric of Cambrai

Other regions that favored the Arras Peace, but did not sign it at time (though they later acceded), were:

  • the County of Namur
  • the County of Luxemburg
  • the Duchy of Limburg

In 1659 the Spanish ceded Arras to the French Crown and it has since remained French.

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