Impressions from our stand at MABP 2020

Date: 09/03/2020

In our stand at MABP 2020 we presented a number of maps relating to the general theme of “Travels and Discoveries”.

Our stand showed many interesting maps.

On the main banner (above) and on several pictures below, have a look and “discover”:

  • Chatelain, Complete Atlas historique (seven vol.) with fabulous world map, 1721
  • Prévost, Histoire générale des voyages (nine vol.), 1747
  • a double double folio map of the voyages of James Cook, by Schraemble, 1789
  • the observatory of Tucho Brahe at Hven, by Joan Blaeu, 1662
  • the first double Moon map by Doppelmayr, 1742
  • both Azimuth projects of the North and South Pole, by Hondius
  • Goa by Theodor de Bry, 1599
  • Jan Mayen by Joan Blaeu, 1659
  • Nova Zembla by Johannes Janssonius, 1644
  • a splendid view of Dejima, Dutch monopolist trade settlement in Japan, by van der Aa, 1727
  • Todos de Bahia (Bay of All Saints, Salvador, Brazil), Joan Blaeu, 1663
  • two cups of Chinese porcelain from the (in 1752) sunken VOC vessel “Geldermalsen”
  • the shipyard of the VOC at Amsterdam, by Caspar Commelin, 1726


PS: the photos on the walls are HD pictures taken with respect to our third and last exhibition “The Flemish-Dutch cartography 1500 – 1700: The Dutch color the world.” You can find all these maps at our website.