Tartary – A Newe Mape of Tartary

by John Speed


Date of first edition: 1627-1676

Date of this map: 1627-1676

Dimensions (not including margins) with the text around: 38,6 x 51,5 cm

Condition: very good. Minor reinforcement to centre fold; further centre fold as published. Nice colouring.

Condition rating: A

Verso: text in English

From: Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World




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Tartary by John Speed

The only carte-à-figures map of central and northern Asia was published in the “Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World – the first world atlas produced in England. John Speed’s map is based on Dutch originals (e.g. Ortelius map), but has the addition of side panels depicting costumed figures, while above are vignettes of the Silk Road cities of Astrakhan, Samarkant and Cambalu, with an illustration of the “house in Nova Zembla” (Baretnsz winter house of survival). The Great Wall is clearly seen, and the interior is heavily annotated. Speed also shows the Strait of Anian (Bering Strait) and a part of Alaksa.