La Généalogie des illustres Comtes de Nassau ..

by Jan Janszoon Orlers


Date of this item: 1624

Language: French

Condition: good, original leather binding, with the exception of the bottom top flap (professionally restored)

Condition rating: A



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Jan Janszoon Orlers: La Généalogie des illustres Comtes de Nassau .. avec la description de toutes les Victoires etc – 1624

The full title of this work is “La Généalogies des Illustres Comtes de Nassau avec la description de toutes les Victoires lesquelles Dieu a octroiées aux nobles, haults et puissants Seigneurs, Messeigneurs Les Estats des Provinces Unies des Païs Bas, sous la conduite et Gouvernement de son Excellence, le Prince Maurice de Nassau”.

It describes the genealogy (72 pages) and the victories (305 pages) (victoires) of the Nassau family. It further contains three full-page frontispiece engravings, 13 portrait engravings in the text, and many double-page engravings of maps, battles and scenes from the various expeditions, including one of the Spanish Armada of 1588 assembled between Calais and Dover, one of the Anglo-Dutch expedition against Cadiz of 1596, and one of the Dutch expedition against Spain and the Canary islands of 1599.

The work is an important source for modes of warfare of the time which are clearly depicted in lively plates.

Order of views and maps:

1 Belgiae inferioris

2 Sea battle (Watervliet)

3 Sea battle (Sluis)

4 Tienen

5 Peelland

6 Siege of Ostend

7 Nova Zembla

8 Battle at Nieuwpoort

9 Battle at Nieuwpoort

10 Gibraltar

11Curia Hollandiae

12 Siege of Arnhem

13 Siege of Bergen-op-Zoom