Zeeland Veredelt

by Mattheus Smallegange


Date of this map:  1696

Dimensions (without margins): 30,2 x 40 cm

Dimensions (including margins): 36,3 x 42,8 cm

Condition:  fair copper engraving. Repair in left margin/view. Wrinkling.

Condition rating: B+

Verso: blank

View by  Joseph Mulder after a drawing by Gerard de Lairesse (both mentioned in a top corner).

From: “byvoegsels” (annex) to Mattheus Smallegange, Nieuwe cronyk van Zeeland, first part. Middelburg. Publishers in Amsterdam Johannes Meertens; Amsterdam; Abraham van Someren, 1696; and as loose document Gerard Valck.






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Netherlands country
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Zeelandt Veredelt

The arms of  “Heeren Gecommitteerde Raden of Zeeland and its Admiralty, the Heeren gecommitteerde ter Rekenkamer, the Heeren Raedsheeren in den Rade van Vlaenderen.

Stadtholder  Willem III sits under a canopy with the arms of Zeeland next to him. He is surrounded by the seven representatives (with flag and weapon) of the seven cities and the representative of the “Eerste Edele”. In the background goblin tapestries.

On the canopy next to the arms of Willem III (who was also the king of England) the quote “Honi soit qui mal y pense” (shamed be whoever thinks bad of it). It is the motto of the Order of the Garter