by Georg Balthasar Probst

Stunning extra large view


Date of first edition:  1729

Date of this map:  1729

Dimensions copper plate with text (without margins):  36,5 x 101,7 cm

Dimensions of the sheets (including margins): 40 x 105,5 cm

Condition: Excellent. Copper engraving on strong paper with wide margins. Printed on two sheets, joined. No central fold but a fold in the middle of each sheet. Tiny tear in bottom of left fold but only in bottom part of margin (see picture).

Condition rating: A+

Verso: blank with blue stamp

Map reference: Verbouwe, Oostende, 322.





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Belgium cities
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Probst is well know for making these panoramic views of European cities.

In 1729 the city was completely rebuilt after the siege of 1600-1604.  Ostend was then still under Spanish control.

By the peace treaties of Utrecht and Rastatt in 1713/14 ending the war, the Southern Netherlands returned to the Austrian Habsburg Monarchy forming the Austrian Netherlands.