Fiandra parte Occidentale

by Vincenzo Maria Coronelli


Date of first edition:  1690

Date of this map: 1690

Dimensions (not including margins): 60,3 x 44,5 cm

Dimensions (including margins): 68,5 x 48,5 cm

Condition: reasonalbe/good. Sharp copper engraving on strong paper and wide margins. Horizontal centre fold as published. Stains on top and bottom margin not affecting map. A few small repairs at edge of paper.

Condition rating: A/B

Verso: text in Italian

From: Universal Geography Course


Item number:
Belgium country
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Vincenzo Maria Coronelli

Vincenzo Maria Coronelli, born in 1650, was a cosmographer and mathematician. He was regarded as one of the best known and most talented Italian cartographers.
Coronelli’s cartographic production is based on 500 maps. He became famous for his extraordinary construction of two globes, a celestial and a terrestrial one, with a diameter of 4 m. He was subsequently called to the court of Louis XIV.

This large map depicts northwestern part of Flanders, from North Sea, extends through the northern region of France to the cities of Douai and Vieux-Conde located at the bottom of the map. Showing settlements, administrative division, place names, roads, buildings, forests, rivers and canals. Relief shown pictorially.

Vincenzo Maria Coronelli


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