Fyn (Funen)

by Jodocus Hondus and Cornelis Claesz


Date of first edition: 1595 (Mercator heirs in volume V)

Date of this map:  1606

Dimensions (without margins): 36 x 49,5 cm

Dimensions (including margins): 40,3 x 52,3 cm

Condition: Excellent. Sharp copper engraving. Centre fold as published. Wide margins. Old bright coloured.

Condition rating: A+

Verso: text in Latin

Map reference: van der Krogt, 1530:1A1

From: Gerardi Mercatoris Atlas sive cosmographicae meditationes de fabrica mundi et fabricati figura, 1606; Van der Krogt 1:101

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Scandinavia, Iceland & Baltics
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Fyn – Funen

Fyn is the largest island of Denmark, after Zealand. It is centrally located between Zealand and mainland Denmark. Its largest city is Odense, the third largest city of the country.

Funen was the birthplace of  Hans Christian Andersen and the composer Carl Nielsen.

Numerous Viking relics were found on the island.

The map is quite accurate, showing Lane Land, Ait and Alsen. his map was replaced in 1638 by Henricus Hondius.

Full title: Fionia Nova et Acurata Descriptio.