Title page of Isolario

by Benedetto Bordone


Date of first edition: 1528

Date of this edition:  1547

Dimensions (including margins): 20,8 x 30,6 cm

Condition: very good. Sharp engraving. Superb original colouring. Tiny tear in right margin, professionally restored at back.

Condition rating: A

Verso: text in Latin

Reference: R. Shirley, page 15

From: Isolario

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Born in Padua, Bordone trained as an “illuminator and wood-engraver, working in Venice where, in 1508, he was given permission by the Senate to print maps of Italy and the world. No copies of these maps seem to have survived and he is known, therefore, only for his Isolario, printed in Venice in 1528.

Although issued as an ‘Island Book’ it gave prominence to discoveries in the New World and contained three full-size woodcut maps: the World, on an oval projection probably devised by the Florentine engraver, Francesco Rosselli, a map of Europe as a whole, and one of Greece and the North-Eastern Mediterranean. The remainder, about 80 woodcuts, are small maps or ‘charts’ set in the text of the book  (Moreland & Bannister).

Title in red and black within ornamental border.






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