Catalogue of Maps of Hispanic America

A basic reference work an collector’s item


Publisher: American Geographical Society, New York

Publication dates:

Part 1: 1930

Part 2: 1932

Part 3: 1933

Part 4: 1932

Dimensions: per part: 26 x 17 cm

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The Americas
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Catalogue of Maps of Hispanic America

This complete catalogue or analysis/listing of existing maps as produced by the American Geographical Society in 1930-1933.

Part 1: Mexico, Central America, West Indies
Part 2: South America, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia
Part 3: Venezuela, Guianas, Brazil, Paraguay
Part 4: Argentine Republic, Chile, Uruguay

Per country the following information is provided:

  • Notes on the cartography of the country
  • Maps in scientific periodicals
  • Maps in books
  • Sheets and atlas maps (official publications)
  • Sheets and atlas maps (unofficial publications)
  • Historical maps

Each part contains a detailed index and a few maps.

Please note that this is not an atlas!