Journeys of Apostle Paul – De Beschryving van de Reysen Pauli, en van de Andere Apostelen

by Jan van den Avelen


Date of first edition: 1687

Date of this map: ca. 1687; published in a translation of the Bible

Dimensions (not including margins): 35 x 46 cm

Condition: excellent. Sharp copper engraving printed on strong paper. Centre fold is as published. Old coloured. Sufficient margins.

Condition rating: A+

Verso: text in Dutch

Map reference: Poortman & Augusteijn #153



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Holy Land, Middle East & Iran
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Journeys of Apostle Paul and the Bible by van den Avelen

The synod of Dordrecht of 1618 ordered a proper Dutch translation of the bible, which resulted in the Statenbijbel of 1637. One of the most popular printed versions was the Keur-bijbel. The Keur family published a Dutch version from 1666 until 1756. In 1682 they added 6 maps in their work, one of which being Apostle Paul’s Journeys. The idea of illustrating the bible with a series of maps was soon followed by a number of other book printers. Jan van den Avele published his bible from 1687 onwards. He modeled his maps on the views by Keur. This map was made for the book Acts of the Apostles (drafted by Luke): “Dese Kaart wert gestelt voor de Handeling der Apostelen”.

A sharp eye distinguishes the dotted line on the Mediterranean Sea indicating his trip as a prisoner to Rome. At the far left is written: “Schip breuke Pauli aan‘t Eyland Melite”; the shipwreck is put in detail in the right bottom cartouche. This carte-à-figures depicts eight cartouches with scenes from this book of the New Testament. The left bottom one shows the conversion of Paul (with reference “Act. 9.4”).

The map is beautifully embellished with scenes from Paulus’ life.

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