Planisphaerium Coeleste

by Tobias Conrad Lotter


Date of first edition: ca. 1720

Date of this edition:  ca. 1720

Dimensions (not including margins): 48 x 57 cm

Condition: good. Sharp copper engraving. Centre fold as published. Left extra fold. Margins top and left, smaal bur sufficient for framing.

Condition rating: A

Verso: blank

From: Atlas Novus. Warner, p. 164.

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Celestial maps
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The chart is centred on the North and South Poles, with smaller circular diagrams illustrating the theories of Tycho, Ptolemy, Landsbergen and Copernicus, two armillary spheres, 2 terrestrial globes, showing the inter-relation of the moon and tides, the illumination of the moon by the sun and the path of the earth around the sun.

Tobias Lotter was born 1717 in Germany. He became a publisher and engraver in Augsburg. He was engaged by Matthäus Seutter the elder as an engraver and married his daughter. He also was successful with his own business and became one of the better known German cartographers. After his death in 1777, the business was continued by his son Matthias Albrecht Lotter.

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