by Joan Blaeu


Date of first edition: 1649 (Latin edition)

Date of this map: 1652

Dimensions (not including margins): 42 x 53,5 cm

Dimensions including margins): 48 x 59,2 cm

Condition: Excellent. Lovely colouring. Strong paper and wide margins. Centre fold as published.

Condition rating: A+

Verso: text in Dutch

Map reference: Van der Krogt IV-2,1, 600; Fauser #1817

From:  Tonneel der steden van de Vereenighde Nederlanden met hare beschrijvingen, Amsterdam, J. Blaeu, 1652. Van der Krogt IV-2,1, 43:121



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Netherlands cities
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Dedication to Frederik Hendrik

Joan Blaeu dedicated this map to Frederik Hendrik (see picture).

He (29 January 1584 – 14 March 1647) was the sovereign prince of Orange and stadthouder of Holland, Zeelan, UtrechtGuelders and Overijssel in the Dutch Republic from 1625 until his death in 1647. The last seven years of his life he also was the stadtholder of Groningen (1640-1647).

As the leading soldier in the Dutch wars against Spain, his main achievement was the successful Siege of ‘s-Hertogenbosch in 1629. It was the main Spanish base and a well-fortified city protected by an experienced Spanish garrison and by formidable water defenses. His strategy was the successful neutralization of the threat of inundation of the area around ‘s-Hertogenbosch and his capture of the Spanish storehouse at Wesel.

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