by Petrus Kaerius

With inset view of the town Arras and costumed figures: “Atrebatum”.


Date of first edition: 1617

Date of this edition: 1617

Dimensions (not including margins): 37 x 48 cm

Dimensions (including margins): 41,5 x 54,3 cm

Condition: Mint. Sharp copper engraving printed on paper. Centre fold as published. Superb old colouring.

Condition rating: A+

Verso: text in Latin

Map reference: van der Krogt 3, 3300:364

From: Petri Kaerii Germania Inferior id est, XVII Provinciarum ejus novae et exactae Tabulae Geographicae, cum Luculentis Singularum descriptionibus additis. à Petro Montano. Amsterdam, Pieter van den Keere, 1617. Engraver was Jacques de Surhon. Koeman Kee1; van der Krogt 3,364:01, page 45

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Van den Keere or Kaerius

Van Den Keere’s atlas of the Low Countries (Germania Inferior) is one of the landmark regional atlases of the early 17th Century, with the maps engraved by himself. The atlas contains the famous Leo Belgicus map.

He would go on to do significant work for John Speed and a number of other map makers in the first part of the 17th Century.

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