Upper Danube and Upper Rhine – Suevia et Bavaria XI Nova Tabula

by Sebastian Münster


Date of first edition:  1540

Date of this map: 1540

Dimensions (not including margins): 26 x 34,5 cm

Condition: Very good. Strong paper and wide margins

Condition rating: A

Map reference: Karrow 58/11

From: Geographia Universalis vetus et nova, Basel, H. Petri, 1540




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One of the earliest modern maps of this region:

Münster’s map of the Upper Danube and part of the Upper Rhine River regions: Bavaria and Swabia.

Oriented with South at the top, the map extends from the source of the Danube through Ulm, Ingolstad, Regensberg and Passau on the Danube, through the center of the map. Also St. Galen and Saltzburg.

In the East, are Zürich and along the Rhine Basel, Friburg, Argentina (Straatsburg), Spier and Mannheim.

In the north (bottom of the map) is Bamburg.

The map shows a significant portion of the Bavarian, Austrian and Swiss Alps.