Padova (views)

by Tommaso Salmon

Interesting picture of history


Date of this view: ca. 1755

Dimensions (not including margins; the view only): 22,2 x 14,5 cm

Dimensions (including margins): 24,3 x 18,5 cm

Condition: mint. Sharp copper engraving. Centre fold as published. Original colouring. Wide margins.

Condition rating: A+

Verso: blank


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Italy & Malta
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Salmon shows Padova

He selected the following views:

  • Chiesa di Sant’Antonio in Padova: today the Pontifical Basilica of Saint Anthony;
  • Chiesa di S. Giustina: the Abbey of Santa Giustina  is a 10th century Benedictine building;
  • Sepolcro di Antenore: The tomb of Antenor is a 13th-century monument created to honor an unearthed ancient sarcophagus, claimed to be that of the Trojan warrior and counselor Antenor, the legendary founder of Padova;
  • Prospetto dello Studio di Padova detto Bò;
  • Piazza de’ Signori;
  • Palazzo Pubblico do Padova.