North Pole

by Willem Blaeu, Joan and Cornelis Blaeu


Date of first edition: 1640

Date of this map:  1649

Dimensions (without margins): 53 x 41,5 cm

Dimensions (including margins): 56,5 x 48 cm

Condition:  Good copper engraving. Centre fold as published, but at bottom (mainly in margins) old repair. Strong paper and wide margins. Small tear at left margin and slightly aged-toned.

Condition rating: A/B

Verso: text in Latin

Map reference: van der Krogt 0020:2.1

From: Appendix, Joan and Cornelis Blaeu. Van der Krogt 2:10A




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World, Polars & Oceans
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Blaeu and the North Pole

Beautiful North Polar map, with several wonderful cartouches and decorative coat of arms. Wonderful detail, both real and imaginary, throughout the map. At the time this map was the most up-to-date map of the North Pole region available. To the left we see the discoveries of captain Thomas James of Bristol along the southern and western shores of the Hudson Bay during his expedition of 1631/32 (with, among others, “James his Bay”). Spitsbergen is drawn as it was known after the Danish expeditions of 1605-1607.



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