World – Orbis Terrarum Tabula Recens Emendata et in Lucem Edita

by Nicolaes Visscher

First state world map, with California depicted as a peninsula.


Date of first edition: 1663

Date of this map: 1665 (also first state)

Dimensions (not including margins): 47,3 x 31 cm

Dimensions (with margins): 50 x 33,8 cm

Condition: Very good. Old colour. Strong print and clear image. Professional repairs to some minor fold separations

Condition rating: A+

Verso: text in Dutch

Map references: Shirley # 431; Portman & Augusteijn # 118

From: Bijbel

Item number:
World, Polars & Oceans
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The 17th century world in all its glory

The Dutch protestant republic produced many bibles. These were illustrated with scenes from the Old and New Testaments. This is the second world map (1663; the first one dates 1656) created by N. Visscher, meant as an addition in his bible Orbis Terrarum Tabula Recens Emendata et in Lucem Edita (published by Elsevier).

This superb double hemisphere world map is surrounded by engravings including allegorical representations of the continents (Europe, Asia, Africa and America) as well as native inhabitants and wildlife. Visscher’s decorations were so popular several other cartographers copied them. Two diagrams depicting the Ptolemaic and Copernican theories of the solar system appear within the cusps of the hemispheres. The northwest coast of North America is greatly exaggerated with the fictional El Streto d’Anian, while California is shown as a peninsula. In the Pacific, Western Australia, Van Diemens Landt, and a bit of New Zealand are also noted. This is the first state. Dutch text on verso.

Dutch text on the verso

Note that:

  • on the copied version by Stoopendaal of 1710 California (see # 1001) is shown as an island.
  • the second state of this map mentions the grant of a privilege of 15 yeas (just under the title recording)

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