Sicily and Sardinia

by Johann Baptist Homann

Superb and rare


Date of first edition:  1750

Date of this map: 1750

Dimensions (not including margins): 49 x 57,5 cm

Dimensions (including margins): 52,5 x 61

Condition: Good. Sharp engraving. Wide margins.

Condition rating: A

Verso: blank



Item number:
Italy & Malta
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The Kingdom of Sicily and Sardinia

The history of Sicily and of Sardinia is rather different.  For a very short period both islands were controlled by the same kingdom. In 1717 Spain conquered Sardinia and the next year Sicily. However, by the Treaty of The Hague in 1720 Spain and the Empire recognised the re-allotment of Sicily to the Habsburgs and Sardinia to Savoy.

Full title: Regnorum Siciliae et Sardiniae.

This maps includes Southern Italy, Kingdom of Sicily and Sardinia, Malta with inset of Valletta, inset of Catania with Etna

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